The Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation will be an internationally acknowledged centre of research, development and information mediation as well as a leading organisation in evaluating the condition of curative muds in the world, related research and rational utilization of curative muds. The competence centre will gather all the existing know-how on curative muds in Estonia, anlayse it and become an advisory organisation to the Estonian Government in the area of effectual uses of curative muds. A global Association of Curative Mud with its headquarters in Estonia will be established as one of the actions of the competence centre. An entrepreneur will receive information from the CC on the existence, utilization and research of curative muds in Estonia and in the world; advice and training on the uses and newest technologies in curative mud treatment and input for the development of new curative mud products and services; contacts of curative mud utilizers around the world. Curative mud products and services will be marketed internationally through the Association of Curative Mud, Estonian Spa Association and International Spa Association.

In the second important field, the competence centre will be an internationally acknowledged research and development centre for mobility and activity promotion, rehabilitation and information mediation. The vision of the CC is to become one of the leading organisations in identifying the aptitude of the population’s mobility and physical activity, related prevention and evaluation of the impact of various rehabilitative means and development of rehabilitative methods and their integration with entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur will receive information from the CC on the mobility and physical activity promotion and rehabilitation research done in Estonia and in the world; advice and training in various rehabilitative methods and newest technologies in the field. The CC will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to train highly qualified specialists through different courses, practice opportunities and research activities whose know-how and skills will enable the enterprises to offer products and services with higher added value. The CC will be actively involved in selection, adjustment and suitability evaluation of mobility and physical activity aids as well as providing an input and contacts for product and service development for enterprises (such as prostheses, orthoses, wooden aids for special needs patients, ergonomic and vibroacustic products).