Medical Rehabilitation Laboratory1

Medical Rehabilitation Laboratory

The laboratory is located on the fourth floor of Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre (16 Sadama Street, Haapsalu). Its equipment is unique not only in Estonia, but also in the whole of Europe. The competence centre’s laboratory holds a walking machine LOKOMAT, a dynamic tilt table ERIGO, an arm robot ARMEO, an isokinetic whole body dynamometer and stress test equipment, which make it possible to carry out rehabilitation projects, to plan services more accurately, and to assess treatment outcomes.

The Medical Rehabilitation Laboratory provides the following services:

  •  Testing rehabilitation equipment and advising product developers
  •  Conducting clinical studies and providing assessments
  •  Developing rehabilitation programmes
  •  Consultations for adapting living and working environments
  •  Consultations for the production, sales and use of medical aid equipment
  •  Professional counselling in the field of health care with the view of opening a private practice