Health Promotion Laboratory1

Health Promotion Laboratory

The laboratory is located on the first floor of Tallinn University Haapsalu College. The equipment here (including a spinal concept analysis system, a measuring system of body muscles) enables us to conduct two preventative health studies in order to reduce people’s health risks. The studies are conducted by specialists from Tartu University Hospital with the help of international experts. The osteoporosis study aims to determine the genes that are linked to the onset of osteoporosis. The study of children’s posture problems monitors the activity of core muscles during exercises, assesses the strength of these muscles and studies the effect of chosen exercises on the development of posture and the strengthening of core muscles in case of regular training.

Also, different mud mixtures and creams are tested for massage.

The Health Promotion Laboratory provides the following services:

  •  Health measurements
  •  Consultations in case of posture problems
  •  Lifestyle counselling
  •  Testing of different health products