Developing the services of the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation is a continuous process, based on the feedback received from target groups, users of the services and partners:

  •  training service, including the preparation of highly qualified specialists through different courses and practical training, whose knowledge and skills allow companies to concentrate on providing products and services with higher added value;
  •  gathering health-related information and competence, including the formation of a professional library;
  •  conducting scientific studies and applied research;
  •  introducing to Estonia the knowledge from corresponding studies conducted elsewhere in the world;
  •  conducting health measurements;
  •  innovative creation of health services, product design and development;
  •  offering practical training opportunities to researchers and students;
  •  introducing innovative products, services, programmes, treatment guidelines into the service portfolios of organizations offering relaxation and treatment services;
  •  providing expert opinions;
  •  organizing professional (field-based) conferences/seminars;
  •  information and know-how for the public and private sectors;
  •  patents; useful models;
  •  mediating prototypes;
  •  developing standards;
  •  renting equipment;
  •  laboratory services;
  •  mud certification system that can be used by the companies in the field;
  •  counselling, consultations;