The aim of the competence centre is to further knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship in the fields of studying, developing and preserving local natural resources and the local population’s mobility and physical activity. Internationally recognized top specialists of health promotion and rehabilitation are involved in developing the centre. Different universities, companies and the public sector have participated in shaping the strategy and activities.

On 28 January 2010 the board of Enterprise Estonia decided to approve the project concept for the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation submitted by Tallinn University Haapsalu College.

On 8 June 2012 a final decision was made to fund the centre. The project is supported by Enterprise Estonia’s competence centre development programme which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project grant was 3 195 555.42 Euros. Tallinn University, Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre and the town of Haapsalu ensure the self-financing.

The European Regional Development Fund offers support to member states to equalize the development of different regions within the European Union and to strengthen the economic and social coherence.